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Marc Pelletz, Co-founder

Before the age of 25, Marc Pelletz was a self-made millionaire and had over 100 properties in Arizona. He has made millions of dollars in real estate and has helped others to do the same. Today, he has an active flipping business in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, which turns 70 to 100 homes per year, and over 200 rental properties in which he focuses on the high cash flow model. He has wholesaled properties, has even dabbled in commercial real estate ventures and holds an active Florida Realtor license. He’s been involved in real estate for close to 4 decades, has been through several real estate cycles, and has learned how to succeed no matter what the market cycle.

Marc has been inspired and motivated by many real estate experts and masters of motivational philosophy over the years. He is looking forward to teaching and inspiring members of Investor Quarters to achieve their goals. He knows today that his discipline and goal setting helped him create a life where he consistently earns a 7-figure income, while having more time for family, friends, vacations and self-improvement. He recently published his first book, Think Like a Real Estate Investor, a brief outline of the disciplines he suggests people follow to succeed.

In 2005, Marc needed help with his growing rental pool and properties he was flipping and came across Jill Lyons, who was already in the real estate business. She was able to organize his business, so he could spend his time hunting for homes and acquiring more. The business relationship grew over the years and now they own Relax Realty Group together. Marc has been a mentor to Jill over the years, guiding her to become an active investor herself.

Marc’s favorite thing to do is see those he mentors to succeed and achieve their dreams, which is what inspired him to start Investor Quarters with Jill.

Jill Lyons, Co-founder

Jill Lyons has been in real estate for over 17 years, as an agent, then broker of a property management company, Relax Realty Group, and now an investor. She has been living in the Sarasota since 1976 and absolutely loves this area. She travels as much as possible, but has never found another place that has captivated her like this area.

Jill’s brokerage manages 600 properties, which has allowed her to learn many valuable lessons, while overseeing her clients’ investment portfolios. Investing in real estate is much easier than she ever expected and she feels blessed to have a small portfolio growing to allow her to meet her future goals. She has learned that using banks as leverage and tenants to cover the investment, she can gain equity and future cash flow, so she will have the ability to have more free time.

Jill graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree, which was very challenging and interesting, but didn’t teach her about financial security and personal growth. She wants to introduce these passions to as many young people that will are interested.  If she had to do it all over again, she would have sought out real estate investing at a much younger age.

Jill has a strong desire to share her experience surrounding real estate investing, so that others can benefit from the time that they have in the market. Her hope for Investor Quarters is that it is a place where the young and old in the Sarasota community can come to gain knowledge from different real estate investors, large and small, and create a love of personal growth. Everyone in iQ has the same mission - to help members become the best that they can be.

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